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Digital Transformation with Docker, Cloud, and DevOps: How JCPenney Handles Black Friday and 100K Deployments Per Year

At JCPenney, Black Friday is one of our most critical shopping periods, both in stores and increasingly online. Hundreds of millions of dollars are on the line for us in a narrow shopping window so scaling to handle the traffic and being able to deploy promotions and fix issues without disruption to the website and our business are critical. Our prior way of delivering applications was built on a waterfall model, locked in to a set of ISV vendor dependencies, with rigid silos. It was too slow and expensive to deploy changes and keep pace with our business. We needed an application delivery platform that can handle the scale of Black Friday, and allow us to adapt our systems as our business continues to evolve. In our DockerCon session, we will tell you how we are transforming JCPenney’s omnichannel business with Docker and open solutions like Jenkins, Spring cloud, Netflix OSS and Ansible. We went live in our first iteration in just two months, and then on-boarded over 30 services in the first 6 months. We learned quite a bit along the way and you'll hear why we made an important decision to switch from Docker Community Edition to Docker Enterprise Edition. Our new cloud-native, Dockerized systems handle over 100,000 deployments per year and can scale to handle events like Black Friday with zero issues.

Srikanth Bulusu, JCPenney
Sanjoy Mukherjee, JCPenney

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