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Repainting the Past with Distributed Machine Learning and Docker

"A picture is worth a thousand words” – Frederick R Bernard. Video is worth thousands more. With millions of hours of black and white video footage circulating around the internet or locked indefinitely in storage archives, their true stories and colours have been lost forever. With the cost of breathing new colour into these fragments of history being $3000 per minute, the vast majority of this footage will never be truly appreciated. Wouldn’t it be revolutionary if we could combine the latest cutting edge research in machine learning with the power unleashed by distributed computing with Docker to solve this problem? Using recurrent convolutional neural networks combined with advanced scheduling, distribution, and orchestration made possible only by Docker, we are able to realistically hallucinate colour back into any black and white video. And with machine learning, we can cut the costs dramatically by automating the process of painting each frame, resulting in a realistic high-quality video in record time. We will demo this and much more in our talk “Repainting the past with distributed machine learning and Docker. Speakers: Finnian Anderson - Director, FleetReach.
Oliver Callaghan - Student, Colchester Royal Grammar School