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Diversity != stock photos: Are you looking for candidates in all the wrong places?

If you work in tech, it's likely your company has a Diversity initiative... but what does that even mean?
If you are a ""diverse"" candidate, have you noticed a difference? If you are a manager, how have you changed your practices to support diversity? How many fantastic SW developers have you met that came from a non-traditional background? Did they all have a CS degree? Should a CS degree be a prerequisite for all SW engineering roles? With the rise of coding bootcamps and self-taught programmers around the world, perhaps it's time we start changing our hiring processes.

In this talk, we'll dive into how to approach ways to evolve your current recruiting practices to encourage more diverse candidates through your door, take a critical look at current interviewing procedures and processes (hint: you may be blocking the door to many candidates), explore the benefits of hiring bootcamp grads (as well as discuss the bandwidth needed to train one), highlight success stories, and I'll share some funny (and cringe-worthy) stories from my time as a junior developer interviewing without a CS degree. Join Chloe Condon - Theater/TV/Movie actress turned Software Developer, as she tells her story and shares her expertise.

Chloe Condon, Sentry

Presentation slides: