Docker Docker

Experience the Swarm API in Virtual Reality

Docker has a CLI that is a great starting point for programming and automation, but did you know that it's really just a wrapper for the Docker Engine REST API? The Engine has an accessible, well-documented API that's super easy to use. In this session, you'll learn how to consume the Docker API in different ways and be encouraged to build your own tools. We built an app using VueJS and A-Frame that uses the API to visualize Docker Swarm in Web-VR. The combination of these functional, declarative web technologies is a good way to build immersive, interactive experiences around infrastructure that are easily accessible to others. More people should be building these kinds of tools. We'll show how we started building the app in Swarm and how we're able to develop against the API with hot-module-reloading. (This totally works in VR!) You'll also get a run down how we leveraged existing components from the community in order to quickly prototype our application using Docker Stacks. Ultimately, everyone will have a chance to experience interacting with a Swarm through the magic window of their phones. VR is a personal, educational medium. We should be building these virtual worlds around all the components of the Moby Project. Our hope is that we can share ideas and motivate others to create more compelling Docker and infrastructure tooling with Virtual Reality. Expect to leave the session wowed by the power of VR and informed about how to leverage Docker's REST API for your own endeavors. Speaker: Leigh Capili - Infrastructure Dev, Beatport.