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#bigwhale: An Unexpected Journey into Containerization @ Lockheed Martin–Part 1

2017 was a banner year for change and disruption at Lockheed Martin. Specifically Enterprise IT, moving to cloud and taking a chance on Containerization as a Service with Docker. As innovation accelerates and customer needs rapidly evolve, Lockheed Martin must become increasingly agile. Rapidly responding to customer requirements is key, and to facilitate overall business goals, Enterprise IT needs to be agile. We are experiencing software development lifecycles moving from waterfall to agile models of development. These changes are moving downstream toward Enterprise IT operations with the evolution of DevOps.

In order to meet the demands of the customer and make significant progress on our cloud journey, we needed to look at changing how we manage infrastructure, how we change our IT culture and ultimately how we innovate at scale. That’s where the story of i2 labs begins.

This presentation will focus on the creation of i2 labs at Lockheed Martin, which inspired and enabled people and processes to invest in Docker as a company, Containerization as a technology and DevOps as a methodology. How we went from labs testing to building Agile Development Teams to preparing to enter our BETA phase of our Enterprise Containerization as a Service to deploy applications in a consistent, repeatable, and reliable manner.

Arjuna Rivera, Lockheed Martin

Presentation slides: