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Modern App Security Requires Containers (panel)

Using Docker Containers, enterprises now have strong, secure-by-default primitives available for deploying apps to their infrastructure. Containers are enabling organizations to adopt better engineering practices like immutable infrastructure -- increasing deployment agility and reducing mean time to patch. Companies are thinking strategically about to securely manage their software supply chains. Moderated by Sean Michael Kerner, collaborators in Docker's ecosystem will share how Docker Containers are revolutionizing the way apps are secured and how we can expect container security to evolve in the future. Participants: Simon Leech - Chief Technologist, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Sean Michael Kerner - Senior Editor, eWEEK/ InternetNews/ QuinStreet
Nathan McCauley - Director of Security, Docker
Liz Rice - Technology Evangelist, Aqua Security
Wei Lien Dang - VP of Product, StackRox
John Morello - Chief Technology Officer, TwistLock