Docker Docker

Reduce Ops Cost by 50%, Get to the Cloud in Five Days and Other Such Miracles from HPE and Docker

Ever find yourself needing to move legacy applications off of old platforms but you don’t even have the source code or access to those coders? How about needing to reduce operations cost, improve efficiency and all the while deliver applications 10 times faster? Then come discover the MTA solution from HPE and Docker that checks all the boxes. Modernizing traditional applications delivers the efficiency, costs savings, portability and agility needed to embrace the journey to hybrid IT. Together HPE and Docker deliver a way to modernize legacy applications, using Docker Enterprise Edition and integrations with HPE infrastructure to accelerate deployments to modern composable infrastructure. Attend this session to learn how HPE can help you define the right mix of Hybrid IT and quickly deliver the first step in your journey towards a modern application architecture. Learn from key customer use cases how HPE and Docker have empowered businesses to gain improvements in efficiency, portability and speed to market while cutting costs. Join the quest to modernize your legacy applications and benefit today! Speaker: Matt Foley - Director, EMEA Solutions and Technology Group, Hewlett-Packard GmbH.