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Learn Fast, Fail Fast, Deliver Fast: The ModSquad Way at MetLife

The introduction of Microservices and Containers present challenges to organizations that go beyond implementation and operation. These are inherently disruptive technologies and a risk-averse enterprise can struggle as the business culture adapts to change. At MetLife we tackled change and disruption with a highly focused and nimble innovation team called The ModSquad, that is empowered to push the envelope, break the rules, and challenge established norms. The good news is that it is working! This talk will dive into the story of our innovation team that rapidly implemented Docker and our first production microservices-based application. We’ll talk about executive support and recognition, empowering people, and encouraging a fail-fast mentality. We’ll explore the boundary conditions that we learned along the way that enhances the success of the team, project, and business. We’ll dig into how we have grown and evolved the team based on both our successes and failures and the pitfalls we would have liked to avoid. Finally, we’ll take a look at what we think will be the future state of the team, and some of the disruptive technologies we may tackle on the horizon. Speaker: Tim Tyler - Principal Solutions Engineer, MetLife, Inc.