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Cilium - Kernel Native Security & DDOS Mitigation for Microservices with BPF

We have introduced Cilium at DockerCon US 2017 this year. Cilium provides application-aware network connectivity, security, and load-balancing for containers. This talk will follow up on the introduction and deep dive into recent kernel developments that address two fundamental questions: How can I provide application-aware security and routing efficiently without overhead embedded into every service? How can container hosts protect themselves from internal and external DDoS attacks? The solutions include: kproxy: a kernel-based socket proxy which allows for application-aware routing and security enforcement with minimal overhead. XDP: A lightning-fast packet processing datapath using BPF. The technology is intended for DDoS mitigation, load-balancing, and forwarding. This talk will deep dive into these exciting technologies and show how Cilium makes BPF and these kernel features available on Linux for your Docker containers. Speaker: Cynthia Thomas.