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We Need to Talk: How Communication helps Code

To build a successful open source project requires more than just code. As Docker and many other household-name projects show, communication is also an essential ingredient in growing a project to greatness. This introvert-friendly talk will help you level up your development game by highlighting three tools and techniques: user research, InnerSource, and documentation. First, I'll help you apply some basic user research practices to refine your project purpose, vision, and value proposition. Then I'll talk about the role of documentation and effective storytelling in generating interest and feedback from broad development audiences. Next, I'll move on to InnerSource: what it is, how it works, and how it can improve your team's communication and collaboration habits. For this, I'll share real-world examples (including some from Zalando) of how InnerSource enabled teams to develop more effectively and efficiently. Finally, I’ll offer some examples of open-source projects (including Docker) that demonstrate how great communication leads to great software. Ideally, you’ll come away inspired to integrate more communication into your development processes. Speaker: Lauri Apple - Producer + Open Source Evangelist, Zalando