Docker Docker

Java in a World of Containers

Container technologies such as Docker are rapidly becoming the de-facto way to deploy cloud applications, and Java is committed to being a good container citizen. This session will explain how OpenJDK fits into the world of containers, specifically how it fits with Docker images and containers.

The session will focus on the production of optimized Docker images containing a JDK. We will introduce technologies such as jlink, that can be used to reduce the size of the created image. The session will explain Alpine/musl support for an effective image and runtime. The session will also talk about and the inclusion of Class Data Sharing (CDS) archives and Ahead of Time (AOT) shared object libraries for improving startup time.

The attendees will learn about the recent work that has gone into OpenJDK for interacting with container resource limitations.

Arun Gupta, AWS Robert Vandette, Oracle

Presentation slides: