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Take Control of Your Maps with Docker

Maps are an essential part of many online tools, user interfaces and products. Third-party services, such as Google Maps API, are often used, but thanks to Docker and OpenStreetMap this is changing now. The open-source project revolutionises how easy it is to deploy world maps from any infrastructure of choice running Docker. Learn how to launch your own map service with containers, how to turn raw OpenStreetMap data into tiles, how to adjust the look&feel and language of the maps, and how to scale production deployment horizontally with Docker Swarm. The maps are powered by open-source software and open data, without vendor lock-in, and are directly usable in web products, mobile applications and online services. project launched in early 2017 and has been already adopted by Siemens, IBM, GeoCaching, Amazon, Bosch, Planet Labs and others. Speaker: Petr Pridal - CEO, Klokan Technologies GmbH.
Martin Mikita - Software Engineer, Klokan Technologies GmbH.