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Using Docker to Secure Traditional Applications without Code Changes

Legacy applications often serve critical business needs and have to be maintained for a long time. Some applications may have been written decades ago, grown to millions of lines of code and the team that built and deployed the app may no longer be at your company. This fact poses a particularly challenging problem for the security and availability of these applications. In this talk, we will focus on securing traditional applications using Docker, and showcase how modernizing these apps by moving them into containers not only makes make them portable and cost-efficient but also allows you to run legacy applications more securely, without having to make code changes. We will review the security features of Docker enterprise edition including isolation, encryption, scanning, signing and more to show how you can reduce the attack surface area of legacy apps and limit the impact of any issues. Live demonstrations will show how to use the features in different security configurations and how to respond and react to incoming threats. Speaker: Diogo Monica, Docker.