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The Value of Diverse Experiences

Some things in life are within your control, while others are not. And if you belong to an underrepresented demographic, this translates into additional challenges when it comes to having the career you want. Finding a mentor, participating in resource groups, and building your network are all great ways to help you climb the corporate ladder (or more accurately, the jungle gym). For me, refusing to put invisible guardrails around myself led me down an interesting path and allowed me to take charge of my career. In this session, I’ll share personal anecdotes about my journey from a hardware engineer working on 64 nm chips, to software engineer working on large scale distributed systems, to a manager, where I have the opportunity to make a greater impact by building a strong and diverse team. I’ll cover my learnings, and give attendees tips on how to define what a successful career is for you, and keys to building a diverse team. Speaker: Nandhini Santhanam - Engineering Manager, Docker.