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Shipping and Shifting ~100 Apps with Docker EE

Alm. Brand has been successfully running greenfield Dockerized workloads in production for nearly two years. However, enterprises are known for their very long-lived and ill-maintained monoliths which are not easily rewritten or relocated, and we have our fair share of those. Focusing on freeing up precious ops time, Alm. Brand ventured to transform all legacy WebLogic apps to run in Docker. The move has provided a golden opportunity to restructure our platform, and has helped push the DevOps agenda in what is probably the oldest company yet to present at DockerCon (1792). Through an awesome live demo, we will demonstrate: * as much as we can of our entire working production setup, boiled down to a Swarm stack file; * how we are able to convert and deploy applications during office hours, unbeknown to the end users; * how to smoothly and transparently handle the transition of users to the Dockerized environment; * how we have streamlined monitoring, logging and deployment across greenfield and legacy apps. Speakers: Sune Keller - IT Architect, Alm. Brand A/S.
Loke Johannessen - System Specialist, Alm. Brand A/S.