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5 Practices for Better, Cheaper, Faster Service Delivery

As a disruptive force in the trillion dollar personal loan market, Lending Club built an online platform for peer-to-peer lending that embraces DevOps. Throughout this 10-year experience, Lending Club has dealt with changing business needs, new technology trends like the cloud, and embracing new technologies like containers.

In this session, Rob Schoening, VP of TechOps for Lending Club, will outline some of the guiding principles that he's instilled in his organization to be able to embrace DevOps. These principles have allowed the company to grow from $1B in loans issued by 2012 to $33.6B of loans issued by the end of 2017. He'll cover some of the decisions the organization had to make along the way and how they approach DevOps today, including where Docker fits into this.

Rob Schoening, LendingClub
Ashley Sun, LendingClub