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Skynet vs Planet of The Apes, Duel!

Singularity happened. Machines have risen. Skynet, the massively distributed AI will soon expand its grip and its army of robots will spread across the whole planet. Fortunately, a great ape army is standing across their way to put an end to this supremacy of steel. The battle will be epic! On one side we have Skynet, an automated, self-healed, hybrid Docker platform and skynet application that has become indestructible. Playing the army of Apes, is a dedicated platform hosting Netflix's Simian Army and other flavors. Will Skynet resists the relentless assaults of the great ape army? Through this fantasy, we'll first cover all the technologies concretely used to set up the platforms and run the battle (linuxkit, infrakit, & swarm mode, and even raspberry devices among others), while we'll step back in the second part to address the subsequent architecture stakes involved: reliability, scalability, edge computing, immutability, microservices, hybridization, distributed storage. Most of all, you'll understand the importance of the synergies implied between the platforms and the app's design to achieve such a result. Speakers: David Chung.
Laurent Grangeau - Cloud solution architect, Sogeti.
Adrien Blind - Technical Thought Leader, Societe Generale.
Ludovic Piot - Consultant DevOps, theGarageBandOfIT.