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My Journey to Go

Before becoming a Gopher, Ashley was a professional photographer, which explains her talent and dedication to creating unique Gopher artwork. However, she found that photography wasn’t paying the bills and with a family to feed, she turned to programming. Prior to enrolling at Hackbright Academy (a software engineering bootcamp for women), Ashley had done some front-end work building websites for photographers and working on SEO. Bootcamp had promised to teach her all of the things you need to know to be an engineer, but despite having the “official” business card 12 weeks later, she didn’t feel like a Software Engineer. Ashley found herself writing Python and working as a Community Manager at Rackspace, which is when she met a Gopher who would completely change her trajectory. In 2014, Ashley met and became quick friends with Steve Francia @spf13, who made her abandon Python and never look back. Steve had been teaching an introductory course to Go, and urged Ashley to help teach the course, where her fresh perspective on Go was an asset. Ever since then, Ashley has been a valued member and a key contributor in building the Go community. Join this session to learn how teaching others (even though Ashley was new herself) got her involved in an awesome open source community and ultimately changed her career path. Ashley will share how she contributed without committing code, and her lessons and tips on how anyone can get involved in OSS communities and make an impact. Speaker: Ashley McNamara.