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Tales of Training: Scaling CodeLabs with Swarm Mode and Docker-Compose

Why does any "code lab workshop" or live demo are always such a challenge? A wise sysadmin once told me: “Get your hand dirty with the production to learn”. So I want to tell you a story of getting hand dirties, by creating a code lab environment considered as production. This story will show that we can build a reproducible environment for code-labs workshops, by using the Docker “tools”: the Engine, Swarm Mode, Docker-Compose, Moby, LinuxKit. Following the spirit of “Play With Docker”, but generalized at any service collection, this Codelab toolkit has been used on code-labs workshops of 120+ people. That path was not a free lunch, but the lessons learned will give you an idea on how a training environment can be efficiently done with Compose and Swarm Mode, by treating it as a “production” platform, tackling the plumbing “youth” limitations for the better of your use case. As a trainer, I never learned so much than building something to teach people someone else: this the story I want to tell you, the tale of using Docker as a tool of MASSIVE KNOWLEDGE SHARING, which is the root of growing our industry together. Speaker: Damien Duportal - Training Engineer, CloudBees.