Docker Docker

The Container Evolution of a Global Fortune 500 Company

In our new digital economy, keeping up can feel like a never-ending expansion of costly technical overhead. Each “trend” adds net-new operational and capital expenses to seemingly bloated run-rate measures - already challenged by leadership. Containers may feel like just another one of these trends, bringing its own additional expense. At MetLife, however, we sought to make containerization self-funding, allowing us to fuel change and tap into innovation at a large-scale. To do this, MetLife’s ModSquad, challenged established norms to prove that containers worked through production. Then, we asked Docker for help to modernize our traditional landscape to create funding sources to adopt containers, change holistically, and reduce overhead to our bottom line. This talk picks up where the MetLife story presented at the Austin DockerCon ends: What happens after you’ve done one thing well and you need to expand the revolution? We'll discuss how MetLife leveraged the Modernize Traditional App Program. We’ll discuss planning, preparation, execution and our post-mortem learnings in addition to technical obstacles, mindsets, roles, addressing executive concerns and training. I’ll share how we created regional business cases and roadmaps to create a funding pipeline by technology. Finally, we’ll look at our new forecast and ultimately our new future. Speaker: Jeff Murr - Director, Container and Open-source Platforms, MetLife.