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Dockerizing Aurea

Over a year ago, Aurea teams started on a quest to move our current virtualized infrastructure to a containerized approach to run critical legacy applications. The primary goal was to decrease costs and increase resource usage, but to get there we had to learn a lot. We've now migrated more 2,000 Linux and Windows instances to just over 1,700 Cloud containers. With nearly a year running Docker EE production hosts, we have a great experience to share. In this session, we will share our most significant learnings, our infrastructure and operational ROIs (yes we will share numbers), the most important monitoring metrics and dozens of other tips & tricks from increased uptime to saving your life. We also want to cover our "dockerization" quest from two perspectives: infrastructure architects and system operators as well as the realities for teams performing dockerization of legacy applications. As we found out, you can’t care about only one and not the other. Speakers: Łukasz Piątkowski - Chief Docker Architect, Aurea.
Matias Lespiau - Software Engineering Manager, Aurea.