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How to Secure the Journey to Big Data Microservices - Fraud Management at Arvato Gmbh

Arvato Infoscore Gmbh, a global financial services subsidiary of Bertelsmann, helps ecommerce companies detect and prevent consumer fraud. Last year, Arvato embarked on an ambitious plan to migrate to a microservices-based architecture with Docker containers as a key enabler. This would enable Arvato to be more effective in processing consumer and device data from customers to detect fraud. But strict data protection laws in Germany means this has to be done securely. In this case study, Tobias Gurtzick, software engineer, will take you through the details of the architecture, technology, and migration process. He will talk about how to successfully and securely deploy containers for new and refactored legacy apps across different storage solutions and how Docker enables Arvato to maintain and grow these environments. Arvato has also built Machine Learning Grids backed by Docker for a new Big Data app and will share the lessons learned along the way.